Historic Preservation Minor (21 credits)

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The university offers a historic preservation minor through the College of Liberal Arts. Historic preservation is a rapidly expanding field devoted to the understanding, recording, preservation, restoration or adaptive reuse of significant objects, buildings, sites, neighborhoods, districts or engineering works that reflect a portion of the nation's historic and prehistoric cultural heritage. Particular emphasis is placed on the heritage of Nevada and the American West.

Students examine the principles of historic preservation, the structure and purposes of private, municipal, state and federal programs and agencies, as well as historic preservation laws. In the program, students participate in field research projects and internships with local, state and federal historic preservation agencies. Related courses from other departments and colleges are utilized in the program, depending upon the student's major program and specific interests in a field of historic preservation.

Students enrolled in the Land Use Planning Policy master's degree program may specialize in historic preservation. A program of study, usually 6 credit hours of related coursework, is required.

  1. Required courses for undergraduate minor:

      1. A museum studies course in one of five departments:
      2. ANTH 309 (crosslisted as ART 308 , BIOL 308 , GEOL 309 , HIST 309 , THTR 309 )--Museum Studies (3 credits)
      3. HP 400--Principles of Historic Preservation (3 credits)
      4. HP 401--Laws and Policies (3 credits)
      5. HP 403--World Architecture (3 credits)
      6. HP 405--Historic Preservation Survey and Planning (3 credits)
      7. HP 480--Internship (3 credits)
      8. PSC 341--Elements of Public Administration (3 credits)
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