Basque Studies Minor (23 credits)
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An undergraduate minor in Basque studies is offered through the Center for Basque Studies, part of the College of Liberal Arts. The Center offers many courses on Basque topics, both in the regular classroom setting and online through Independent Learning. In addition, the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) offers Basque courses in the Spanish Basque Country. The minor program provides students with an introduction and exposure to one of the unique ethnic heritages of Europe and the American West. The minor can be obtained entirely through online courses if the student prefers.

Minor in Basque Studies

Requirements include a two-semester (8 credit) course sequence in Elementary Basque and 15 additional credits. Second Year Basque ( BASQ 203--Second Year Basque I -  BASQ 204-Second Year Basque II) is recommended.

  1. Required Core Courses:
      1. BASQ 101--Elementary Basque I (4 credits)
        BASQ 102--Elementary Basque II (4 credits)
  2. Additional requirements--15 credits from the following list:
      1. BASQ 203--Second Year Basque I (3 credits)
        BASQ 204--Second Year Basque II (3 credits)
        BASQ 220 / ANTH 220 / FLL 220 / PSC 220--Introduction to Basque Cultural Studies in a Global Frame (3 credits)
        BASQ 221--Introduction to Basque Folk Dance (2 credits)
        BASQ 295--Independent Language Study (1-2 credits)
        BASQ 378 / ANTH 378 / PSC 378 / SOC 378 / WMST 378--Basque Transnationalism in the U.S. (3 credits)
        BASQ 405 & BASQ 406--Basque Conversation and Composition I and II (3 credits each)
        BASQ 407V--Contemporary Basque Politics (3 credits)
        BASQ 430 / HIST 430--Basque History (until 1700) (3 credits)
        BASQ 431 / HIST 431R--Modern Basque History (1700 to the present) (3 credits)
        BASQ 451--Basque Literature (3 credits)
        BASQ 452--Bernardo Atxaga (3 credits)
        BASQ 455 / ANTH 484--Basque Linguistics (3 credits)
        BASQ 456 / FLL 456 / ANTH 412--Basque Language, Society, and Culture (3 credits)
        BASQ 460--Topics in Basque Cultural Studies (1-6 credits)
        BASQ 461 / WMST 462--Basque Gender Studies (3 credits)
        BASQ 462--Cyberculture: A Basque Global Information Diaspora (3 credits)
        BASQ 465--Basque Economy from Industrialization to Globalization (3 credits)
        BASQ 466R / ANTH 413R / ART 466--Museums, Architecture, City Renewal: The Bilbao Guggenheim (3 credits)
        BASQ 467 / HIST 467--Basques in Contemporary European Culture (3 credits)
        BASQ 471 / ANTH 414R--Basque Culture (3 credits)
        BASQ 472 / ANTH 415R / PSC 407L--Basque Diaspora Studies (3 credits)
        BASQ 473--Basque Cinema: An Introduction (3 credits)
        BASQ 477 / ANTH 477--War, Occupation & Memory in the Basque Country (3 credits)
        BASQ 480--Consuming Culture: Food, Gastronomy and Lifestyles (3 credits)
        BASQ 495--Independent Language Study (1-3 credits)
        BASQ 499--Individual Research in Basque Cultural Studies (3 credits)
        HIST 497--Independent Study in History (when offered as: Basque and Iberian History) (3 credits)
        PSC 480A--Independent Study and Research in Political Science (when offered as: Political Institutions of the Basques, Spain, and Europe) (3 credits)

Crosslisted courses may be taken under any of the prefixes noted above and still count toward fulfilling the minor. Courses listed through other departments (such as independent study) may also apply to the minor if the subject matter is approved by the program director of Basque Studies.

Students who include BASQ 203--Second Year Basque I and BASQ 204--Second Year Basque II to fulfill the minor requirement may also use these courses to fulfill their foreign language requirement.

Study Abroad Programs in the Basque Country

The University of Nevada, Reno is the lead institution of the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) whose Central Office is located on campus. USAC offers study abroad programs in 25 countries at 40 locations. Students may participate in the university's study abroad program in the Basque Country in San Sebasti├ín and Bilbao/Getxo, Spain, and in Pau, France. Students can complete up to two years of foreign language requirements in one semester. The programs offer international business and Basque-related courses and others in the areas of art history, culture, history, political science, dance and cuisine. Come by the USAC office in the Virginia Street Gym, Room 5, call (775) 784-6569, (866) 404-USAC, email at: or check out the website at:

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