Holocaust, Genocide & Peace Studies Minor (18 credits) 

124 Mack Social Science

An 18-credit minor program in Holocaust, Genocide & Peace Studies (HGPS) is offered through the Gender, Race and Identity Program housed within the College of Liberal Arts. 

The minor program in HGPS is designed to connect ideas and experiences by focusing on social, historical, philosophical, political, cultural and ethical issues in a wide variety of disciplines. Students are challenged to think critically and to examine the assumptions concerning issues of Holocaust, genocide and peace. All courses will have a strong writing and communications component. Specifically, courses in this minor will increase students' understanding of the following:

  • How prejudice, hatred, and dehumanization policies originate and manifest themselves
  • How such patterns become rationalized within individuals and in society
  • How major social confrontations, conflicts, mass destructions, and genocides develop
  • How to explore ways to resolve conflict
  • How to nurture peaceful social and political relationships and encourage ethical decision-making

Students enrolled in the minor program will be required to complete 18 credit hours:

  • Nine of these credits must be completed in the required "core" courses.
  • Nine further credits must come from additional courses and special topics as specified below.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to complete a senior thesis/project (3+0) (3 credits) in one of the participating departments or under the supervision of the Holocaust, Genocide & Peace Studies program advisor by using the independent studies option.
    1. Required Core Courses (9 credits):
      1. HGPS 201--Concepts in Holocaust, Genocide & Peace Studies (3 credits)
      2. PSC 405I--Holocaust and Genocide (3 credits)
      3. One additional course chosen in consultation with HGPS program advisor (3 credits).
    2. Electives:
      1. Students are to choose one three-credit course in each of the following categories. That choice will be modified if a student chooses a senior thesis project.
    3. Group A 
      1. Origination, manifestation and rationalization of prejudice, hatred and dehumanization (3 credits)
      2. CRJ 479--Feminist Jurisprudence: Violence Against Women
      3. CRJ 481--Terrorism, Theory and Response
      4. HIST 387--Western War and Modern Societies
      5. PSC 405G/605G--International Conflict
      6. PSC 407Q/607Q--Political Violence and Terrorism
      7. SOC 379--Ethnic and Race Relations
      8. SOC 409/609--Gendered Violence
      9. SOC 483--Family Violence 
    4. Group B
      1. Examples of major social confrontations, conflicts, mass destructions, and genocides (3 credits) 
      2. ANTH 477 / 677--War, Occupation and Memory in the Basque Country
      3. ART 476R--Propagandistic Art: 1925-1945,
      4. ENG 486A / 686A--Studies in Postcolonial Literature and Theory
      5. GER 492 / 692--Germany and It's Past: 1933 to Present
      6. HGPS 415--Vietnam: Conflict and Consequences
      7. HIST 212--History of East Asia II
      8. HIST 230--History of Africa I
      9. HIST 231--History of Africa II
      10. HIST 293--African American Experience in America
      11. HIST 296--Nomads of Nations in Inner Eurasia
      12. HIST 312--The Expansion of the United States
      13. HIST 347--History of Mexico
      14. HIST 394--England and the British Empire II
      15. HIST 396--20th Century Russia and the Soviet Union
      16. HIST 406R / 606R--War, Culture and Society in American History
      17. HIST 408R--World War II from a Global Perspective
      18. HIST 439B / 639B--Inquisition in Europe and Latin America
      19. HIST 450A / 650A--Modern Chinese History
      20. HIST 465C / 665C--Modern Ireland and National Identity
      21. PSC 407C / 607C--Political Systems of Russian and East Central Europe
      22. PSC 407D / 607D--Political Systems of the Middle East and North Africa
      23. PSC 407E / 607E--Political Systems of Latin America
      24. PSC 407F / 607F--Political Systems of China
      25. PSC 407P / 607P--The Middle East in World Affairs
      26. PSC 407T / 607T--Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
      27. SW 462--Lesbian and Gay Lives, and
      28. Special Topics courses (PSC, HIST, SOC, FLL, ENG, etc.)
    5. Group C
      1. Ways to resolve conflict; nurturing peaceful social, interpersonal, and political relationships; encouraging ethical decision- making (3 credits)
      2. CRJ 401R--International Perspectives on Policing
      3. CRJ 411--Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
      4. CRJ 427--Struggle for Justice
      5. HGPS 421--Concepts in Peace Studies and Nonviolence
      6. HIST 433A / 633A--The African American Freedom Struggle After 1865
      7. PHIL 450--Ethics Theory-Global Ethics and Justice
      8. PHIL 457--Political Philosophy-Philosophy of Human Rights
      9. PSC 405H--International Human Rights,
      10. PSY 431R--Psychological Aspects of Racial Differences,
      11. Special Topics courses (PSC, HIST, SOC, FLL, ENG, etc.)
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