Organization of the University

Board of Regents

  • James Dean Leavitt (Chair) (Las Vegas)
  • Jason Geddes, Ph.D. (Vice Chair) (Reno)   
  • Mark Alden (Las Vegas)
  • Michael Wixom (Las Vegas)
  • Cedric Crear (Las Vegas)
  • Robert Blakely (Las Vegas)
  • Kevin Melcher (Elko)
  • William G. Cobb (Reno)
  • Ron Knecht (Carson City)
  • Kevin Page (Las Vegas)
  • Dr. Jack Lund Schofield (Las Vegas)
  • Dr. Andrea Anderson (Las Vegas)
  • Dr. Mark Doubrava (Las Vegas)

Nevada System of Higher Education

  • Chancellor, Daniel Klaich  
  • Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, Jane Nichols
  • Vice Chancellor of Administration and Legal Affairs, Bart Patterson
  • Interim Vice Chancellor of Finance, Mark Stevens
  • Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer, Health Sciences System, Maurizio Trevisan
  • Vice Chancellor of Operations and Chief Operating Officer, Health Sciences System, Marcia Turner
  • Interim Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, Marilyn Delmont
  • Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Regents, Scott G. Wasserman

University of Nevada, Reno

Marc A. Johnson, Ph.D.

  • Provost, Heather K. Hardy, Ph.D.
  • Vice Provost and Secretary to the University, Jannet Vreeland, Ph.D.
  • Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, John Carothers, M.A.
  • Vice President for Information Technology, Steven Zink, Ph.D.  
  • Vice President for Research, Marsha Read, Ph.D.
  • Vice President for Student Services, Shannon Ellis, Ph.D.
  • Vice President for Administration and Finance, Ronald M. Zurek, M.B.A.
  • Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Cary Groth, M.A.
  • Director of Government Relations, Robert Dickens, Ph.D.
  • Assistant Vice President for Constituent Relations, Patricia Richard, M.A.
  • Executive Director Public Relations, Jane Tors, B.A.
  • Executive Director Integrated Marketing, Patricia Richard, M.A.
  • General Counsel, Mary Dugan, J.D. 

Heather K. Hardy, Ph.D.

  • Vice Provost for Instruction and Undergraduate Programs,
    William Cathey, Ph.D.
  • Vice Provost and Secretary to the University, Jannet M. Vreeland, Ph.D. 
  • Vice Provost for Extended Studies, Fred Holman, Ph.D. 
  • Vice President for Information Technology/Dean of Libraries,
    Steven Zink, Ph.D. 
  • Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Marsha Read, Ph.D.

College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources

  • Dean, Ronald S. Pardini, Ph.D.
  • Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Carol Condit, Ph.D.
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department Chair, Gary Blomquist, Ph.D.
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Science Department Interim Chair, Mark Walker, Ph.D.
  • Nutrition Department Chair Chris Pritsos, Ph.D.
  • Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station
    • Interim Director, NAES, Ronald S. Pardini, Ph.D.  

College of Business 

  • Dean, Gregory C. Mosier, Ph.D.
  • Associate Dean and Undergraduate/Graduate Programs Director, Kambiz Raffiee, Ph.D.
  • Advising, Recruiting and Retention Coordinator, Robyn Davis, M.A.
  • Budget and Personnel Coordinator, Sue Moore, B.S.
  • Development Director, Kristen Kennedy, M.B.A.
  • Career Services Director, Jane Bessette, M.S., G.C.D.S.
  • Graduate Programs Coordinator, Vicki Krentz, B.S.
  • NSBDC Director, Sam Males, M.B.A.
  • Center for SuppLogistics Management Director, Dale Rogers, Ph.D.
  • Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming Director, Bill Eadington, Ph.D.
  • Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming Associate Director, Judy Cornelius, B.S.
  • Accounting and Information Systems Department Chair, William Kuechler, Ph.D.
  • Accounting and Information Systems Department Chair, Richard Mason, Ph.D.
  • Economics Department Chair, Elliott Parker, Ph.D.
  • Managerial Sciences Department Chair, Sheri Faircloth, Ph.D.

Extended Studies

  • Vice Provost for Extended Studies, Fred Holman, Ph.D.
  • Associate Vice Provost, Dee Henderson, Ph.D.
  • Fleischmann Planetarium Associate Director, Dan Ruby, B.F.A.
  • Independent Learning and Summer Session Director, Kerri Garcia, M.A.
  • University Credit Across Nevada Director, Gay Neuberger, Ph.D.
  • Management and Executive Programs Director, Jim McClenahan, M.B.A.
  • Nevada Humanities Council Director, Christina Barr, M.A.
  • Performing Arts Programs Director, C.J. Walters, M.M.
  • Redfield Campus Director, Jodi Herzik, B.A.
  • ES Enrollment Operations Manager, Thomas Nicholas, M.S.
  • Director of Marketing, Kimberly Zaski, M.A.
  • Accounting Manager, Kiran Gandhi

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

  • Dean and Director, Karen L. Hinton, M.S.
  • Assistant Director, John Burton, Ph.D.
  • Finance & Human Resources Officer, Greg Wilson, B.S.
  • Area Director, Central/Northeast Area, Loretta Singletary
  • Area Director, Southern Area, Jerry Buk, M.S. 
  • Area Director, Western Area, Frank Flavin, J.D.
  • Communications Coordinator, vacant

College of Education

  • Dean, Christine Cheney, ED.D.
  • Associate Dean, Thomas Harrison, Ph.D.
  • Development Director, Mitch Klaich, B.S.
  • Center for Learning and Literacy, Donald Bear, Ph.D.
  • Child and Family Research Center Director, Sherry Waugh, M.S. 
  • Learning and Resource Center Program Officer, Maureen Morton
  • Nevada Center for Excellence Director, Steve Rock, Ph.D.
  • Raggio Research Center for STEM Education Director, vacant
  • Office of Field Experiences Director, Mary Sedgwick, Ph.D.
  • Student Advisement Center Coordinator, Nancy Horvath, M.Ed.

College of Engineering

  • Dean, E. Manos Maragakis, Ph.D.
  • Associate Dean, Indira Chatterjee, Ph.D.
  • Budget and Personnel Coordinator, Dawn Arnold, B.S.
  • Coordinator of Recruitment, Retention, and Advising, Meg Fitzgerald, M.A.
  • Academic Advisor, Jennifer O'Neil, B.G.S.
  • Development Director, Melanie Perish, M.A.T.
  • Assistant Development Director, Maryanne Cameron, M.S.
  • Electrical & Biomedical Engineering Program Director,
    Mehdi Etezadi-Amoli, Ph.D.
  • Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Department Chair,
    Alan Fuchs, Ph.D.
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Chair,
    Amy Childress, Ph.D.
  • Computer Science and Engineering Department Chair, Yaakov Varol, Ph.D.
  • Mechanical Engineering Department Chair, Kwang Kim, Ph.D.

Graduate School

  • Dean and Vice President for Research, Marsha Read, Ph.D.
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs:
    • Atmospheric Sciences Director, Darko Koracin, Ph.D.
    • Biomedical Engineering Director, Nelson Publicover, Ph.D.
    • Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology Director, Jim Sedinger, Ph.D.
    • Environmental Sciences Director, Glenn Miller, Ph.D.
    • Hydrologic Sciences Director, Greg Pohll, Ph.D.
    • Cell and Molecular Biology Director, Brian Perrino, Ph.D.
    • Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology Director, Norman LeBlanc, Ph.D.
    • Social Psychology Director, Colleen Murray, Ph.D.

Division of Health Sciences

  • Vice President and Dean of Health Sciences, Thomas L. Schwenk, M.D.
  • Advisement, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, Laurie Beck, M.A.
  • Director of Development, Stefanie Scoppettone, Ph.D.
  • Campus Recreation and Wellness Interim Director, James Fitzsimmons, M.S.
  • Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technology Director, Nancy Roget, M.S.
  • Sanford Center for Aging  Interim Director, Denise Montcalm, Ph.D.
  • Gerontology Academic Program Coordinator, Susan Harris, M.S., M.A.
  • School of Community Health Sciences Director, Trudy Larson, M.D.
  • Center for Program Evaluation Director, Elizabeth Christiansen, Ph.D. 
  • School of Medicine Dean, Thomas L. Schwenk, M.D.
  • Associate Dean, Admissions and Student Affairs, Peggy Dupey, Ph.D.
  • Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, Miriam Bar-on, M.D. 
  • Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development, Melissa Piasecki, M.D.  
  • Interim Associate Dean for Medical Education, Gwen Shonkwiler, Ph.D.
  • Senior Associate Dean for Basic Science and Research, David Lupan, Ph.D.
  • Assistant Dean for Education and Health Services Outreach, Caroline Ford, M.P.H.
  • Chief Financial Officer, Jean Regan, M.B.A, C.P.A., C.I.A.
  • General Counsel, Thomas Ray, J.D.
  • Director, UNSOM Human Resources, Feride McAlpine, M.B.A.
  • Biochemistry Department Chair, Gary Blomquist, Ph.D.
  • Family and Community Medicine--Reno Department Chair, Daniel Spogen, M.D.
  • Family Medicine--Las Vegas Department Chair, Elissa Palmer, M.D.
  • Internal Medicine--Las Vegas Department Interim Chair, John Varras, M.D.
  • Internal Medicine--Reno Department Interim Chair, Evan Klass, M.D.
  • Microbiology Department Chair, Kenneth Hunter, Sc.D.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Interim Department Chair, Elissa Palmer, M.D.
  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Department Chair, Sanford Barsky, M.D.
  • Pediatrics--Reno Department Associate Chair, Nevin Wilson, M.D.
  • Pediatrics--Las Vegas Department Chair, David Gremse, M.D.
  • Pharmacology Department Chair, Joseph Hume, Ph.D.
  • Physiology and Cell Biology Department Chair, Kenton M. Sanders, Ph.D.
  • Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department Chair--Las Vegas and Reno, Ole J. Thienhaus, M.D., M.B.A. 
  • Savitt Medical Library Director, Terry Henner, M.A.
  • Speech Pathology and Audiology Department Chair, Tom Watterson, Ph.D.
  • Student Health Services Director, Cheryl Hug-English, M.D., M.P.H.
  • Surgery Department Chair, William Zamboni, M.D.
  • School of Social Work Director, Denise Montcalm, Ph.D.
  • Orvis School of Nursing Director, Patsy Ruchala, D.N.Sc., R.N.
  • Orvis Nursing Clinic  Interim Director, Melinda Hoskins, M.S.N. 

Reynolds School of Journalism

  • Dean, William L. Winter
  • Academic Chair, Rosemary McCarthy, M.A.
  • Director of Graduate Studies, Donica Mensing, Ph.D.
  • Development Director, Kristin Ghiggeri Burgarello

College of Liberal Arts

  • Interim Dean, Scott Casper, Ph.D.
  • Associate Dean, Kathleen Boardman, Ph.D.
  • Budget and Personnel Coordinator, Sharon L. Brush, B.S.
  • Advising, Recruitment and Retention Director, Kristi Van Gorder, M.A.
  • Development Director, Robyn Powers, B.A.
  • Development Director, Stuart Golder, M.A.
  • Anthropology Department Chair, G. Richard Scott, Ph.D.
  • Art Department Chair, Howard Rosenberg, M.Ed
  • Basque Studies Center Co-Director, Joseba Zulaika, Ph.D.
  • Basque Studies Center Co-Director, Sandra Ott, Ph.D.
  • Center for Holocaust, Genocide & Peace Studies Director, Viktoria Hertling, Ph.D.
  • Core Humanities Program Director, Neal Ferguson, Ph.D.
  • Core Writing Program Director, Jane Detweiler, Ph.D.
  • Criminal Justice Chair, Susan Lentz, Ph.D., J.D.
  • English Department Chair, Eric Rasmussen, Ph.D.
  • Foreign Languages and Literatures Department Chair, Darrell Lockhart, Ph.D.
  • Historic Preservation Program Director, Donald Hardesty, Ph.D.
  • History Department Chair, Scott Casper, Ph.D.
  • Interior Design Coordinator, LuAnn Nissen, M.A.
  • International Affairs Program Director, Stacy Gordon, Ph.D.
  • Latino Research Center Director, Emma Supulveda Pulvirenti, Ph.D.
  • Military Science Department Chair, Bart Tragemann, Major
  • Music Department Chair, Andrea Lenz, M.M.
  • Oral History Program Director, Alicia Barber, Ph.D.
  • Philosophy Department Chair, Deborah Achtenberg, Ph.D.
  • Political Science Department Chair, Eric Herzik, Ph.D.
  • Psychology Department Chair, Victoria Follette, Ph.D.
  • School of Arts Director, Larry Engstrom, Ph.D.
  • School of Social Research and Justice Studies Director, James Richardson, Ph.D.
  • Sociology Department Chair, Johnson Makoba, Ph.D.
  • Speech and Theatre Department Chair, Robert Gander, Ph.D.
  • Gender, Race and Identity Program Director, Valerie Weinstein, Ph.D.

College of Science

  • Dean, Jeffrey S. Thompson, Ph.D.
  • Associate Dean, Regina Tempel, Ph.D.
  • Associate Dean, Katherine McCall, Ph.D. 
  • Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering Director, Russell Fields, Ph.D. 
  • Budget and Personnel Coordinator, Kathy Shively, B.A.
  • Advising, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, Christine Cho, M.A.
  • Development Director, Charlyn Hagemann, B.S.
  • Biology Department Chair, Guy Hoelzer, Ph.D.
  • Chemistry Department Chair, Vincent Catalano, Ph.D.
  • Geography Department Chair, Kate Berry, Ph.D.
  • Geological Sciences Department Chair, Greg Arehart, Ph.D.
  • Mathematics and Statistics Department Chair, Eric Herzik, Ph.D.
  • Mining Engineering Department Chair, Dan Taylor, Ph.D.
  • Physics Department Chair, David Bennum, Ph.D.

University Libraries

  • Vice President for Information Technology and Dean of Libraries, Steven D. Zink, M.L.S., M.A., Ph.D.
  • Assistant to the Dean for Administrative Services, Janita Jobe, M.L.S.
  • Director of Research Collections and Services, Donnelyn Curtis, M.L.S.
  • Director of Library Information Resources, Michael Simons, M.S.
  • Director of Technical Services, Paoshan Yue, M.L.I.S.
  • Director of Information Services, Maggie Ressel, M.L.I.S.
  • Head of @One Services, Duncan Aldrich, M.L.S.

Vice President for Research

  • Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Marsha Read, Ph.D.
  • Nevada INBRE Director, James Kenyon, Ph.D.
  • Laboratory and Animal Medicine Director, John Hasenau, D.V.M., DACLAM
  • Interim Office of Sponsored Projects Administration Director, Richard Bjur, Ph.D., J.D.
  • Office of Human Subjects Research Director, vacant
  • Office of Environmental Health and Interim Safety Director, Stephanie Woolf, M.S.
  • Technology Transfer Office Director, Ryan Heck, Ph.D., J.D.
  • Undergraduate Research Office Director, Michael Collopy, Ph.D.

Vice President for Information Technology

Steven D. Zink, Ph. D.

  • Director of Campus Computing and Telecommunications, Jim McKinney 
  • Station Manager, KUNR Radio, David Stipech
  • Assistant to the Vice President for Information Technology,
    Janita Jobe, M.L.S. 
  • Manager of Network and Computer Security, Jeff Springer
  • Manager of User Services, Tina Lundstrom
  • Manager of Critical Systems, Tom Leathly
  • Manager of Applications Support, Tracy Williams
  • Manager of Network Operations, Bird Vilseck
  • Manager of Instructional Technology, Greg Gardella
  • Manager of Media Design and Production, Mark Gandolfo
  • Manager of WebCT Support, Jill Wallace

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Ronald M. Zurek, M.B.A.

  • Associate Vice President for Business and Finance, Thomas L. Judy, B.B.A., C.P.A.
  • Associate Vice President for Planning, Budget and Analysis, Bruce Shively, B.S.
  • Associate Vice President for Facilities Services (Interim), John Walsh, B.S.
  • Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Timothy C. McFarling, B.A., M.A., M.S.W.
  • Controller, Philomena McCaffery, B.A., C.P.A
  • University Police Services Director, Adam Garcia, B.A., M.A. 
  • Director of Real Estate, Troy Miller, B.A.
  • Director of Lawlor Events Center, Ann Larson, B.A.
  • Director of Parking Services, Melody A. Bayfield, B.S. 
  • Interim Director of Purchasing, (BCN), Laura Rivera, MBA, CPM 
  • Director of Facilities Planning, Gary R. Bishop, B.A.
  • Director of Institutional Analysis, Serge Herzog, Ph.D.
  • Coordinator of Scheduling Services, Raymond Needham, B.S. 
  • Director of Construction Services,
  • Director of Facilities Maintenance, Gregory Battaglia, B.S.
  • Director of Facilities Operation, Joseph J. Greco, M.B.A. 
  • Director of Planning and Design, Marcella Y. Yeates, B.A.
  • Director of Special Projects, Lyle C. Woodward, B.A.

Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations/Executive Director for the Foundation

John Carothers, M.A.

  • Associate Vice President, Bruce Mack, Ph.D.
  • Executive Director of Development, vacant
  • Director of Planned Giving, Lisa Riley, J.D.  
  • Director of University Events, Jeanne Corbit, B.S.
  • Director of Finance/Foundation Treasurer, Laurie L. McLanahan, C.P.A.
  • Director of Donor Relations, Keiko M. Weil, B.S.
  • Director of Alumni Relations, Amy Carothers, M.A.
  • Director of Board Trustee Operations, Crystal Parrish, B.S.
  • Director of Annual Giving, vacant
  • Assistant Director of Donor Records, Dawn R. Lawrence, M.A.
  • Manager of Donor Records, Carrie Young, B.S.
  • Manager of Annual Giving, Colin Beck, B.A.
  • Prospect Management and Research Manager, Dean F. Dietrich, Ph.D.
  • Coordinator of Prospect Research, vacant
  • Assistant Manager of Prospect Research, Greg Lehto, B.A.
  • University Events Manager, Mui Condon, B.A.
  • University Events Manager, Kristin Harris, B.A.
  • Alumni Relations Program Manager, Juliane DiMeo, B.S. 
  • Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Christy Jerz, B.A.
  • Alumni Relations Coordinator, Lindsey Harmon, B.A.
  • Manager, Donor Relations, Elizabeth Welsh, B.S.
  • Controller, Tammy Koszuth, B.A.
  • Assistant Controller, Emelita Weldon, B.S.

Directors of Development

  • College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, Jean G. Carbon, B.S.
  • College of Business, Kristen Kennedy, B.A.
  • Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Lynda Buhlig, M.B.A.
  • Assistant Director of Development, College of Education, Mitchell Klaich, B.S.
  • College of Engineering, Melanie Perish, M.A.
  • Assistant Director of Development, College of Engineering, Maryanne Cameron, M.S.
  • College of Liberal Arts, Robyn L. Powers, B.A.
  • College of Liberal Arts, Stuart Golder, B.A.
  • College of Science, Charlyn Hagemann, B.S.
  • Leadership Gifts, vacant
  • Reynolds School of Journalism, Kristin Burgarello, B.A.
  • Division of Health Sciences, Stephanie Scoppettone, Ph.D.
  • Assistant Director of Development, Division of Health Sciences, Christina Sarman, B.S.
  • University Libraries, Millie Mitchell, M.A.
  • Intercollegiate Athletics, Scott Turek, B.A.

Vice President for Student Services

Shannon Ellis, Ph.D.

  • Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services and Registrar, Melisa N. Choroszy, Ph.D.
  • Director of Admissions, Steve Maples, Ph.D.
  • Office for Prospective Students Coordinators, Northern Nevada,
    • Quentin Owens, B.A. 
    • Kari Emm, M.A.
    • Carolina Rodriguez, B.S.  
    • Richard Wood, M.B.A.
  • Office for Prospective Students, Southern Nevada, Associate Director, Everett Jackson, B.A.
  • Office for Prospective Students Coordinators, Southern Nevada,
    • Hellen Quan-Lopez, B.A.
    • Tya Mathis, B.A.
    • Jeanette Chan-Rivera, B.S., B.A.
  • Interim Director, Student Financial Aid and Scholarships, Sandra Guidry, M.A.
  • Coordinator, Scholarship Programs, Suzanne Bach, M.A.
  • Interim Director, Counseling Services, Cynthia Marczynski, Ph.D.
  • Director, Residential Life, Housing and Food Service, Rod L. Aeschlimann, M.Ed.
  • Associate Vice President, Student Life Services, Jerry Marczynski, Ed.D.
  • Director, New Student Initiatives, Cairn Lindoff, M.Ed.
  • Director, Associated Students, Sandy Rodriguez, M.Ed.
  • Assistant Director, Student Activities, Molly McCormack, M.Ed.
  • Bookstore Manager, Marie Stewart, B.S.
  • Director, Office of Student Conduct, Sally Morgan, M.A.
  • Director, Student Union, Charles Price, M.B.A.
  • Assistant Director, Student Union, Raquel DePuy-Grafton, M.A.
  • Director, Disability Resource Center, Mary Zabel, M.S.
  • Assistant Vice President, Student Success Services, Fabienne McPhail Naples, Ed.D.
  • Center for Student Cultural Diversity, Reginald Chhen Stewart, M.A.
  • Coordinator, McNair Scholars, Marsha Dupree, M.A.
  • Director, Academic and Opportunity Services, Rita Escher, M.A.
  • Director, Upward Bound, Elza Major, Ph.D.

Research and Public Service

  • Director, Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies, Nancy Roget, M.S. 
  • Director of Small Business Development Center and Business and Economic Research, Sam Males, M.B.A.
  • Director, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Brian Perrino, Ph.D.
  • Director, Center for Neotectonics Studies, Steven G. Wesnousky, Ph.D.
  • (Acting) Director, Child and Family Research Center, Sherry Waugh, M.S.
  • Dean and Director of Cooperative Extension, Karen L. Hinton, M.S.
  • Assistant Director, Cooperative Extension, John Burton, Ph.D.
  • Director, Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology,
    James Sedinger, Ph.D.
  • Director, Experiment Station, David G. Thawley, Ph.D.
  • Associate Director, Experiment Station, Ronald S. Pardini, Ph.D.
  • Director, Institute for Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming, William Eadington, Ph.D.
  • Deputy Director, Nevada Area Health Centers, Gerald Ackerman, M.S.
  • N. Director, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, Jonathan G. Price, Ph.D.
  • Director, Nutrition Education and Research Program, Sachiko St. Jeor, Ph.D.
  • Interim Director, Sanford Center for Aging, Denise Montcalm, Ph.D.
  • Director, Seismological Laboratory, Graham Kent, Ph.D.
  • Director, Transportation Technology Transfer Center,
    Maria Ardila-Coulson, M.S
  • Director, Renewable Energy Center, Manoranjan Misra, Ph.D.
  • Director, Cener for Civil Engineeering Earthquake Research,
    Ian Buckle, Ph.D.
  • Director, Western Regional SuperPave Center, Peter Sebaaly, Ph.D.

Affiliated Units

  • President, National Judicial College, William Dressel
  • Executive Director, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, Mary Mentaberry
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