Admission Information for Returning Students

Students returning to the university after an absence of one or more semesters are required to resubmit an application for admission no later than the first day of instruction of the semester they wish to attend. The reactivation form is available at Graduate students must have a leave of absence approved by their department and the Graduate School to be reinstated in an advanced degree program. Students lacking this approval will be admitted as graduate special students pending approval for reinstatement to their degree program.

Each individual who attends another educational institution since last enrolling at the university must submit official transcripts from each school attended whether credit was earned or not. If transferring from another college, any disciplinary sanction must be declared.

Second Undergraduate Degrees: Students may earn a second bachelor's degree subsequent to earning the first degree, provided all specified requirements are satisfied. Students who have earned their first bachelor degree at another university are permitted to earn a second bachelor degree of the same title at the University of Nevada, Reno. A maximum of 90 credits from the first bachelor's degree may be transferred to meet the requirements of the second bachelor's degree. Second bachelor's degree candidates must earn 30 credits of upper division coursework in residence at the University of Nevada. The regular graduation application and fee payment procedures apply for each degree that the student seeks.

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