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Gerontology is a dynamic and innovative field in which students can pursue a wide range of topics and interests. Inherently, gerontology is interdisciplinary and transcends traditional career options. Careers in advertising and marketing, engineering, architecture, healthcare, social services, as well as recreation and leisure industries are just a few areas in which knowledge in gerontology can be applied.

The Gerontology Academic Program prepares today's students to understand the complex processes of aging. Since older adults represent such a large part of society, Gerontology is a vital area for all students - especially those who plan to work in fields related to human services, public health, public administration, nutrition, nursing, psychology, law, business, speech pathology, social work and many other professions. Through the interdisciplinary study of gerontology, students gain a broad base of knowledge about aging in the United States and international cultures, an understanding of the health and psycho-social aspects of aging, and an awareness of services that constitute the aging network.

For application, advisement and additional information please call (775) 784-1324, email or stop by the Division of Health Sciences Student Center located in the Sarah Fleishmann Building, Room 204B. We invite you to visit our website at .


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