Admission to Graduate School

Admission to the graduate program involves more than meeting minimum academic requirements such as undergraduate grade point average and standardized test scores. Graduate programs must not only assess prospective students academic preparation for graduate work but also their maturity and commitment, as well as ensuring an appropriate fi t between the student's interest/needs and the faculty's academic and research interests.

Application Information

Prospective applicants may access the Graduate School's website for the most current information and for on-line or downloadable admissions applications. An applicant for admission to graduate-level study must file an application with the Graduate School and pay the appropriate application fee. Applications for graduate standing are subject to approval by the Graduate School and by the graduate program director of a degree granting program or department. Applicants must contact the department or program to which they intend to apply for specific application deadlines.

Except in the Master of Business Administration program, the minimum prerequisite for admission to graduate standing is 18 credits in the undergraduate major or at least 18 credits of undergraduate courses that are approved by the department in which the student will major. Each academic program reserves the right to specify additional requirements beyond those of the university. If a student's undergraduate work is deficient, the program may require the student to complete additional work, either before admission to graduate standing or while the advanced degree is being pursued.

Standardized Test Scores

A number of university departments and programs use scores on standardized tests (i.e. the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the Medical College Aptitude Test (MCAT), or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)) as part of their evaluation process. If required, all applicants must submit scores to that program. Submission of these scores may not be waived on an individual basis. Normally, test scores over five years old are not acceptable. All applicants must contact individual department or programs in which they are interested to determine admissions policy and to learn whether official test scores must be submitted.

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