History of the Graduate School

Graduate-level training and research is a vital function of the University of Nevada, Reno. Post-baccalaureate study has been offered at the university since 1887, and the university awarded its first advanced degree in 1903. The activities of the graduate faculty and students in research and scholarship reinforce the mission of this land-grant university.

To fulfill the university's missions in education, research and public service, the graduate faculty encourages students to develop the skills of intellectual inquiry and critical analysis. It trains them in both the disciplinary and interdisciplinary skills necessary for problem solving, and fosters a dedication to creative thought and the search for knowledge.

Today's Graduate School

The campus now has over 3000 graduate students out of a total enrollment of 16,000 students. The university has emerged as a first-class doctoral granting university. It offers a wide range of graduate programs, including selected doctoral and professional studies, which emphasize those programs and activities that best serve the needs of the citizens of the state, region, and nation.

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