Graduate Student Categories & Fees

Post-baccalaureate students can be eligible to take graduate courses as either:

(a) A graduate special student or (b) A regular graduate standing student

Graduate Special Students

The graduate special classification is for students who wish to take graduate courses but do not plan to pursue a program leading to an advanced degree, or for applicants who do not meet the requirements for admission to regular graduate standing. Admission to graduate special status does not constitute admission to graduate standing in the graduate School.

With graduate special classification, a student may enroll for undergraduate or graduate credit and may satisfy the teacher certificate requirements. Departmental approval must be obtained for every course taken. Students must be able to demonstrate that they satisfy the prerequisites for each course they select to enroll in.

A student with graduate special classification may apply for regular graduate standing by first meeting the Graduate School requirements for admission (see below) and then the specific admission requirements of the particular program. A maximum of nine (9) graduate special/transfer semester credits taken prior to admission to regular graduate standing may be applied to the program of study.

An international student who holds a student visa is not eligible for admission to the graduate special classification, and cannot register for courses as a graduate special.


Graduate students are required to pay the application fee, the per-credit registration and capital improvement fees, specialized instruction expenses, new graduate student orientation fee, and tuition (for out-of-state students). In addition, there are fees for the student health services, counseling services, the Graduate Student Association, operating costs for the student union, and for use of the recreation building. The summer session fees are detailed in the Fees and Expenses section of the catalog.

Grants-in-aid to cover the per-credit and capital improvement fees, as well as out-of-state tuition fees, may be awarded to graduate assistants, trainees, and fellows, provided such conditions are specified in their contracts.

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