Class Absences

Class Absences:

  1. There are no official absences from any university class. It is the personal responsibility of the student to consult with the professor regarding absence from class.
  2. The University of Nevada, Reno deeply values and supports the participation of undergraduate students in university-approved extracurricular activities. In this spirit, the University of Nevada, Reno expects instructors to provide these students with alternate accommodations for exams, quizzes, or other course assignments missed as a result of participation in university-approved extracurricular activities. University-approved extracurricular activities may include, but are not limited to, intercollegiate athletics, band, drama, forensics, recruitment, or any other activity sanctioned by the college dean and/or the Provost.
  3. It is the policy of NSHE to be sensitive to the religious obligations of its students. Any student missing class, quizzes, examinations or any other class or lab work because of observance of religious holy days shall, whenever possible, be given an opportunity during that semester to make up the missed work. The make-up will apply to the religious holy day absence only.
  4. Students are responsible for the material covered in class, and it is the student's responsibility to arrange for the completion of all missed classroom work. This policy shall not apply in the event that the completion of an assignment or the administration of an examination at an alternate time would impose an unreasonable hardship on the instructor or the university that could reasonably have been avoided. It is expected that there should be a good faith effort by both faculty and student to come to a reasonable resolution. Any student who is denied a make-up option after appropriately noticing the instructor, shall have the right to appeal that decision to the instructor's immediate supervisor in the case of absences for participation in university-approved extracurricular activities and through the normal appeal mechanism in place at the university for absences for participation in religious holy days. Contact the Office of Student Conduct for further information.
  5. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the instructor in writing using the Undergraduate Student Absence for University-Approved Activities Form if the student intends to participate in a university-approved extracurricular activity or a religious holy day which does not fall on state holidays or periods of class recess.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory: Students pursuing a bachelor's degree may earn a maximum of 30 semester credits in courses graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) basis, subject to the approval of each college.

  1. Transfer students may earn a maximum of one-fourth of their remaining credits at the university on an S/U basis, providing the total does not exceed university policy.
  2. Transfer students with more S/U credits than allowed by university policy are ineligible for additional S/U registration, except for required courses offered on an S/U basis only.
  3. Each course taken to satisfy a university requirement must be completed with a regular letter grade, unless the course is only offered for S/U.
  4. Each college is responsible for determining the total number of credits earned with grades of "S", and the specific courses (transfer, elective or required) that are acceptable toward a degree in that college, within the limits of the university maximum.
  5. Each course that is approved for S/U grading only is so designated in this catalog for reference.
  6. Credits and grades recorded in accordance with the satisfactory/unsatisfactory policy are applicable toward meeting graduation requirements, but are excluded when calculating the grade-point average.
  7. Credit by exam is S/U only, except for those courses used to satisfy university, college, major or minor program requirements that require a letter grade.
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