Addendum: 2011-2012 General Catalog

The University publishes PDF and HTML versions of the general catalog annually. The PDF file includes changes approved during the fall semester for the following year and is made available by February 1st.  Curriculum changes approved during the spring semester cannot be reflected in this file.  The PDF is made available through CollegeSource early in the Spring semester.  The goal is to provide curriculum updates in time to advise new students prior to the opening of Fall registration.  Those who wish to, may use this file to produce a hardcopy of the general catalog.

The University also maintains the HTML catalog you are viewing.  This file reflects all policy and curriculum changes that are effective for the current catalog year.  The addendum of this catalog provides a means of reconciling differences between policy and program descriptions in the PDF and HTML files.  The addendum houses the original copy of policy statements and program descriptions that changed between December 2010 and August 2011.  Each record in the addendum includes the date on which changes were approved.  The record in the addendum is the OLD copy, the copy that was included in the PDF file.  The current description of the policy or program can be found in an earlier policy or program section of the catalog.  For example, a student looking for the current program description for Electrical Engineering should click on the College of Engineering link from the table of contents, then the Electrical and Biomedical Engineering link, and then the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering link to access a current description of program requirements. 

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