Minor in Journalism (18 credits)

Students majoring in another field may minor in journalism by completing the following courses:

      1. JOUR 101--Critical Analysis of Mass Media (3 credits)
      2. JOUR 107--Multimedia News Reporting and Writing I (3 credits)
      3. JOUR 207--Multimedia News Reporting and Writing II (3 credits)
      4. JOUR 108--Media Production I (2 credits)
      5. JOUR 208--Media Production II (1 credit)
      6. JOUR 305--Media Ethics (3 credits)
      7. Select one course from the following list (must be approved by a journalism advisor) (3 credits)
      8. JOUR 300--Visual Communications (3 credits)
      9. JOUR 401--First Amendment and Society (3 credits)
      10. JOUR 413--History of Journalism (3 credits)
      11. JOUR 418--Magazine Writing (3 credits)
      12. JOUR 434--Visual Persuasion for Advertising and IMC (3 credits)
      13. JOUR 481--Race, Gender & Media (3 credits)
      14. JOUR 490A--Special Problems (1-3 credits)
      15. JOUR 490B--Special Problems-Journalism Lab (1-3 credits)
      16. JOUR 499--Professional Internship (3 credits)

After the first five courses ( JOUR 101 , JOUR 107 , JOUR 207 , JOUR 108 , JOUR 208 ), which must be taken successively, students will work with their advisors to select appropriate electives from the above list. Minors may not take any of the career option courses listed above in the major requirements. Freshmen and sophomores may not enroll in any 400-level courses.

To be accepted as a minor in journalism, a student must have completed JOUR 101 , JOUR 107 , JOUR 207 , JOUR 108 , JOUR 208 with a C or better and with a combined GPA of 2.5 or higher having earned a C or better in each of the five courses. Once accepted as a minor, a student must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in journalism to continue as minor.

JOURNALISM TEACHING Students may prepare for a career as a high school journalism teacher by taking a combination of courses in journalism and education. This program is offered by the university's College of Education.

ACCREDITATION The Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. Accreditation was first granted in 1970.

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