Credit Cards

MasterCard, VISA, Discover Card or American Express are accepted for payment of registration and housing fees. Payment may be made in person, by mail, or via the web.

Personal Check

Personal checks are accepted for payment of fees or bills due the university. The university does not furnish counter checks; and checks altered in any way are not accepted. A $25 collection fee is assessed for any check returned unpaid by the bank. Such checks must be made good within 10 calendar days after notification or suspension procedures are instituted.

Deferred Payment Option

You may choose a deferred payment plan if you have registered for seven credits or more. To select the deferred payment plan, visit MyNEVADA and select the account and billing option. There is a $50.00 fee for the deferment plan that will be added to your first bill. In addition, a $25.00 deferment plan fee will be added for housing charges.

  • 33% of your total bill plus the deferment plan fee is due by Jan. 20, 2012.
  • The next installment (33%) is due Feb. 20, 2012.
  • The last installment (33%) is due Mar. 20, 2012.
  • You will be assessed a 10% penalty if you do not make the correct payment on the appropriate dates.

    Any unpaid balance on a deferred fee payment becomes a student accounts receivable on the due date and is treated as an official fee hold for future registration and transcript privileges. A penalty fee of 10 percent (minimum of $10) is charged on the deferred balance not paid by the due date.

    Delinquent Account

    Students or former students having a delinquent account with the university are not permitted to register, receive a transcript of record, receive a certification of enrollment or earn a diploma.

    Grant-In-Aid and Accounts Receivable

    Students are expected to pay all assessed fees during registration unless they are entitled to a grant-in-aid, elect the deferred payment plan or make arrangements, prior to the first day of instruction, with the Controller's Office for an accounts receivable procedure

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